Information for Kids & Parents

As you may have heard from your school nurse, the Kansas Mission of Mercy (KMOM) free dental clinic will be in Pittsburg on April 26 and 27, 2019.

It is the goal of KMOM to make sure that any child that may not receive regular dental care, or has an unmet dental need, is able to take advantage of this unique and beneficial opportunity.

Children are granted the special privilege to receive an “arrival time” at the KMOM free dental clinic with a pediatric specialist to avoid having to wait in line for treatment.

During your child’s time slot, they will do their best to fulfill your child’s dental needs. If you would like a specified “arrival time” time for your child, we can arrange a pass which will allow your child NOT to have to wait in line… BUT this does not guarantee that they will be treated at that exact time. ARRIVAL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE.

If you miss your scheduled time, you will be welcome to wait in the regular line and they will do their best to treat your child. However, patients in the regular line will be seen on a first come, first served basis.

Contact: Saia Smile Center—Dr. Jill Saia Pile
Ask for: Connie
Phone: 620-231-7242
Treatment date preference: Friday 4/26/19   OR   Saturday 4/27/19

A parent or legal guardian must bring the child and be present with the child at all times. If you are a parent or guardian and require dental treatment for yourself, please plan to come on another day for your treatment other than the child’s assigned day.